Triathlon update

Sometime in early January I decided, for the third time in my life, that I was going to train for an Olympic distance triathlon. This is a weird decision to make once, let alone three times, since I despise swimming and cycling.

Now, 3.5 months later, I’m looking at options to train for a full Ironman Triathlon between now and June 3, 2020 when my 50th birthday hits me like a brick.

I still truly suck at swimming, but I hate it less. I can’t say I enjoy cycling alone, but it’s wonderful with the right company.

One month from now I’ll update on how that first Olympic distance attempt has gone. Or, if I fail, I’ll delete this post and cover my tracks and never mention it again.

Published by

Zane Hagy

Running (80+ marathons), Politically Incorrect, Public Relations, Marketing, Vegetarian, Triathlete Wannabe, and Randomly Offensive

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